Custom Creations

We at STL Chuppah want to provide our customers with their dream ceremony focal point, even if it is not in our inventory.  If you are interested in a unique design of your very own, please contact us to discuss the details (including example photos, Pinterest board, etc.).  If you aren’t sure, check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.  As each project is a bespoke, individual commission, standardized pricing is not available, but for reference, we’ve provided the types of commissions available, in order of least to greatest price range.  Prior to signature or deposit, we’ll provide you an individual estimate, which will become final upon signature and deposit.

  • Design-Only.  We work with your individual preferences for style and space, and develop a design from concept to drawings, from which you can select your woodworking company of choice to complete the build.
  • Design-Build (Individual).  Similar to Design-Only, we’ll develop the concept to your specifications, but then proceed with lumber procurement and chuppah construction.  Assembly and disassembly is included with these plans, as we’ll use our current systems, a significant savings.
  • Design-Build (Vendor).  This package is for companies that want their own in-house canopy system, including all of the pieces and instructions needed for assembly and disassembly, and general “care and feeding” of these systems.  If you are a vendor that wants to provide wedding canopies, but doesn’t want the hassle of storing and maintaining them, we are expanding our collection of canopies available for business-to-business rentals, so if there is a style of canopy your clients are craving, let us know and we can fast-track it!  Check out our rentals page for information and current/scheduled inventory.

Ready to proceed?  Not sure?  Please contact us, providing any photos or other information on what you are looking for, and when you will need it completed, and we can develop a customized quote for you before you decide.