Q: How do I schedule a rental or discuss custom creations by Saint Louis Chuppah?

A: Please contact us!  We can provide details specific to your event and any special requirements as part of that conversation.

Q: How much is a standard rental?

A: Standard, full-service rental rate is set for each canopy.  Please see our Rentals page for details.

Q: Will there be any additional costs above the standard rental rate?

We design our fees to cover typical time frames to complete the work, the typical costs to maintain and store our canopies, as well as cover our overhead expenses, however, on rare occasions venues may have special circumstances, or may be located some distance away.  These, and any other details that will require additional time or staff to accommodate may incur some additional fee, which will be laid out in advance of committing to your rental.

Q: Can I just rent the Chuppah / Canopy by itself for a lower rate?

A: For safety reasons, this process is not recommended, and is limited to our lighter canopies (coming soon).  But we are big believers that you not having to deal with setup during what is most likely the busiest day of your lives is well worth the additional cost! If you would like to see if your venue or another vendor is able to provide assembly/disassembly services, please have them contact us, and we will happily work with them to provide you the best price possible.

Q: Do you provide a covering as part of the rental?

A: Yes!  We have a simple, all-white covering that is designed to tie onto our canopies without damaging them.  If you have additional pieces that you would like to incorporate, or have your own covering, please let us know when discussing your rental, and, if able, we will happily put it up as well.

Q: Is it all right for us/our florist to decorate the chuppah?

A: Yes, of course!  There are, however, limitations that will be fully outlined in your agreement with us.  In general, no screws, nails, hooks, tape, or adhesives may be used, as all of these can cause irreparable damage to the beautiful wood and finishes from which our chuppahs have been artfully crafted.  Floral wire, ribbon/fabric, plastic clips, and non-stick/masking tape are the preferred methods of attaching items to the frame.  The frame is quite sturdy, but any large or heavy decorations desired must be cleared with our staff ahead of time.  If unsure of how best to attach flowers or other decorations, we will be happy to assist with attachments to ensure that they are safely, beautifully and securely displayed.

Q: When will additional inventory be available?

A: We are currently in the process of constructing additional wedding canopies when not providing rental services.  If interested in a certain style that is in progress, we can often fast-track or otherwise prioritize its completion; just let us know that you would like that particular style.  You can check out our progress posts here.

Q: If you don’t have something already in inventory, is it possible to get a different design?

A: Possibly! Please let us know that you are interested in a particular design, style, etc. so we can better determine interest and make the best use of our time and limited inventory space to provide the best products we can!

Have a question not answered here? Please feel free to post it here, and we’ll answer it and update the page over time!

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