What is a Chuppah?

A chuppah (also spelled huppah, chipe, chupah, or chuppa) is a canopy traditionally used in Jewish weddings to symbolize the creation of a home.

St. Louis Chuppah Rental at Neo on Locust, care of http://www.alisonduffyphotography.com/They are traditionally constructed of wooden posts (traditionally of pine, cedar, cyprus, or a combination, depending upon the region) and a cloth covering.  By leaving the sides open, the bride and groom are symbolizing the opening of their new home to their now-combined extended family and friends, inviting all to participate in the new life they’re forming.

Not Jewish?  No problem! A chuppah is a simple, beautiful and easily decorated structure that will serve as a wedding arbor, wedding canopy, or Mandap and enhance the experience of non-Jewish ceremonies as well.

The chuppah, featured in the photo above is known as “the Original,” and was custom designed and built by our staff using white oak wood – for which Missouri is famous.  All of our lumber is currently sourced by LumberLogs, LLC, a local, sustainable urban logging operation in St. Louis.  They are designed to be free-standing, providing an elegant, unique and striking frame to your ceremony.

If you are thinking of building your own wedding canopy, we wish you the best of luck in your literal labor-of-love.  We provide a free set of plans, as well as offer consultation and custom design should you like to learn from our experiences in developing, crafting and constructing this and similar works of art.

Once again, Mazel Tov! Congratulations! and Best Wishes!

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