Placing Reservations: 

To place a rental reservation, we recommend you contact us by email at with the last names of the couple to be married, your relationship to them, the date of the wedding, and the venue.  We’ll contact you from there with availability, and any additional details and information.

Rental Options (Short Version):

We offer two different rental Options, one where we rent directly to the couple getting married (or family members, etc.), referred to as Direct Rentals where our crew handles all setup and support tasks; the other is where a vendor rents the canopy and equipment, and their crew handles all day-of wedding tasks along with their other services.  For more details on this, please check out the bottom of this page.

Inventory and Pricing:

Our Canopies are free-standing structures, and include a standard white covering and optional prayer shawl (tallit) in the listed prices. All other decorations are provided by others. Please see our FAQ page for decorating tips and other information.

Our pricing is standardized by canopy type for your convenience, and listed below by rental option (Direct Rentals/3rd-Party Rentals/Preferred Rate):


$650/$300/$250  (Dimensions).

Our elegant and modern Cypress Chuppah.

Oak (the Original)

$800/Not Available for 3rd-Party (Dimensions)

The Original (White Oak) Chuppah with standard covering.


$650/$300/$250 (coming in March 2020, please contact us to check availability). No photos of this canopy are currently available, but this will be a rustic take on our full-framed chuppahs, providing a white frame that will still show off beautiful wood grain.


$650/$300 (coming soon, please contact us to check availability). No photos of this canopy are currently available, but will be our take on these garden wedding classics.


$650/$300/$250 (coming soon, please contact us to check availability).  No photos of this canopy are currently available; the simple frame will be completely covered in folds of cloth, providing a sustainable alternative to pipe-and-drape canopies.

(Note: If you or your clients are interested in a particular style not currently available, please let us know, and we can expedite completion of ongoing projects, or look at adding new concepts to our inventory)


Rental Options (Detailed Version):

3rd-Party Rentals: In order to best serve our clients, we are currently in the process of adding canopies to our inventory to provide variety and the ability to sublease to venues, florists and other vendors.  STL Chuppah provides all materials, information and support to allow your preferred vendor to complete the assembly and disassembly of your chuppah, potentially saving time and cost.  As prices will vary by vendor, please have them contact us to include it in their pricing information.

Full-Service (Direct) Rentals: Our full-service rental rates are standardized for most weddings, and listed below by calendar year.  Full-service rentals include transport, assembly/disassembly, and most decoration support within Metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri.  Additional fees are possible for locations outside of our normal radius, or for any special requirements that would require additional time or materials to accommodate.  All fees are locked in when the reservation agreement is made to ensure clear and fair pricing, but we also provide a price guarantee; if booking a wedding for a following year, your final invoice will be adjusted to whichever rate is lower in price.

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