Why Rent One?

In the age of do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials, blogs, and other free resources for constructing your own chuppah, why would you possibly want to deal with the expense of renting a chuppah?


The answer might seem simple, but it isn’t; it will depend on your budget, the time you have to prepare everything (and the list of things you have left to do for your wedding is probably much longer than you will realize until after it is all over), and the resources (namely people, tools, materials and transportation) you have available to create your chuppah, get it to your ceremony location, set it up, and tear it down, all while you are sucked into the “wedding day time vortex” of last-minute issues, wedding pictures, well-wishing and catching up with family and friends.

It can be more than a little stressful – a fact we know from experience, and inspired the creation of STL Chuppah.  Additionally, you may have a certain look or feel in mind for your chuppah, wherein skill and specialized tools may be very important in making that dream a reality.

To decide whether to build, buy, borrow or rent, here are some things to consider:

  • How do I want my chuppah to look?
  • How much can I budget for my chuppah?Rialto Ballroom 20150912-1
  • How many people will it take to build the chuppah, and how many to assemble and disassemble it?
  • How many competent helpers do I have available for these tasks?
  • Do I need a larger vehicle to transport the chuppah?
  • What scheduling constraints will we have to deal with to get it in place on time, and then out of the venue without getting charged additional fees? [Again, consider the effects of the “wedding day time vortex.”]
  • If I rent or borrow a chuppah, is transportation/assembly/disassembly included in the deal?
  • If I build or buy a chuppah, what do I do with it afterward?
  • How much work is this going to involve, and how much stress and expense is that going to cause?

Overwhelmed yet? That’s where renting becomes more enticing; for probably not that much more than you’d spend to build or rent the pieces of a chuppah, you can have it transported, assembled, decorated, and removed, taking care of nearly all of these questions with one answer: STL Chuppah.

For an idea of all the hard work our staff does for each rental, take a look at this video we put together. Enjoy!

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