Starting on Cypress

We have recently “broken chips” on the first new chuppah specifically for our rentals inventory.   This addition is part of our new focus on expanding our ability to serve our clients, while keeping true to our strengths of providing the best quality of materials and design.  To achieve this, given our small staff, we’re adding canopies that are lighter weight and simpler to assemble, allowing us to lease them directly to other vendors who can leverage their larger teams to provide the assembly, disassembly and decorating services.

For this chuppah, we wanted to lighten the load without sacrificing beauty, durability or general quality, as well as maintain our dedication to supporting other local businesses – thus, we took a trip to LumberLogs to pick their brains and inventory.  Then Joe said the word “cypress,” and a happy game of lumber-Jenga ensued.  Hours later, the first cuts were made, the jointer was well-warmed, and we were happy to see the figure emerge:

Update (7/1/2018):  As we near completion on the chuppah, we have a few photos of the test set-up.  The design is a simplified version of the same full-frame design employed by our original white oak chuppah.


The simplifications to the connection systems and assembly supports, coupled with the greatly reduced weight makes the chuppah ideal for our new third-party leasing program.  Left to complete is the finish selection and application, and the cloth covering fabrication and connector installation.

Update (7/10/2018): We’re applying the finishing touches (literally) to the chuppah.  Soon we’ll have the covering complete, and this beauty will be ready for someone’s Big Day!

Unfinished board next to one with its first coat of finish.

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